Welcome to Computer Science Academy - Est. 2005

  • The Computer Science Academy is located at Olathe South High School.

    Programming, Problem Solving & Cybersecurity

    Who We Are

    Computer Science Academy logo We apply the values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, and Ethics in everything to the pursuit of computer science knowledge and skills, in preparation for higher education and career paths in computing. In the 21st Century, where computer science affects almost every aspect of how people live and work, the Computer Science Academy empowers high school students to become creators, not just consumers, of technology. Students work together to engage in compelling, real-world problem-solving opportunities designed to develop computation thinking skills instead of just learning “how to code.” Students become better thinkers and communicators, with knowledge and skills they will use in their future, regardless of their post-secondary and career path choices.

    What We Do

    • Develop computational thinking skills through activity, project, and problem-based learning.
    • Collaborate to integrate technologies across multiple platforms, mobile devices, and networks.
    • Work in a team environment to develop and cultivate interpersonal skills, presentation skills, and programming skills.
    • Apply effective practices in problem solving, documentation, and software development to deliver software solutions to real-world problems.
    • Contact information: email the Computer Science Academy or call 913-780-7160.

Learn About CTE and Computer Science Academy

  • Ten of our 15 Academies have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway embedded in them. This means the courses they already take in the Academy also follow a CTE pathway. When a student earns an Academy Endorsement by completing all the requirements, they may also earn a "CTE Completer" status. Both the Academy Endorsement and the CTE Completer status will be printed on the student's transcript. These are great tools on the resume to show a student's accomplishments. Additionally, CTE Completers are eligible for CTE Scholars recognition.

    The CTE Programming and Software Development pathway is embedded into the Computer Science Academy.

    Learn about the Programming and Software Development pathway