Welcome to Public Safety Academy - Est. 2017

  • The Public Safety Academy is located at Olathe West High School.

    Law Enforcement and Fire Rescue

    Who We Are

    Public Safety Academy logo Students in the 21st Century Public Safety Academy will gain the knowledge and skills necessary for post-secondary experiences in the professions of fire rescue or law enforcement. Students will learn specific content knowledge, hands-on skills, and employment skills which focus on team work, problem-solving, decision making, speaking and listening, and the necessary physical skills involved within profession.

    What We Do

    • Participate in self-defense and obstacle course training activities that are utilized by local law enforcement professionals
    • Apply local, state, and federal laws to real-world law enforcement scenarios and evaluate their use in the pursuit of justice.
    • Learn how to document, process, photograph and analyze evidence from a crime scene
    • Develop skills for effective communication with the Spanish speaking community during emergency response situations
    • Explore fire department communications, fire ground operations, rescue operations, safety, preparedness, and maintenance
    • Earn a Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) certification which is needed for employment in the fire rescue profession
    • Contact Information: email the Public Safety Academy or call 913-780-7180.

Learn About CTE and Public Safety Academy

  • Ten of our 15 Academies have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway embedded in them. This means the courses they already take in the Academy also follow a CTE pathway. When a student earns an Academy Endorsement by completing all the requirements, they may also earn a "CTE Completer" status. Both the Academy Endorsement and the CTE Completer status will be printed on the student's transcript. These are great tools on the resume to show a student's accomplishments. Additionally, CTE Completers are eligible for CTE Scholars recognition.

    The CTE Corrections, Security and Law Enforcement pathway as well as the Emergency and Fire Management Services pathway is embedded into the Public Safety Academy. Students will complete one of these pathways depending on the strand they choose to follow in the academy.

    Learn about the Corrections, Security and Law Enforcement pathway

    Learn about the Emergency and Fire Management Services pathway