When Will I be Notified by the Academies?

  • Notifications will be made available via a link for students to sign in. The link will be emailed to all addresses provided in the student application, provided to the middle school counselors and will be posted on the district's social media. Students will log in using their district username and password.

    Once logged in, students will view the status of their application for the academy(s) they applied for:

    • Invited
    • Wait-listed
    • Not-invited

    Students who did not complete the application process by the deadline will show the following status:

    • App withdrawn
    • No Show Interview
    • Cncld Interview
    • No Response

    If a student is invited, they are to either accept or decline the invitation. Decisions must be made by the deadline.

    • Once all acceptance is completed, letters will be mailed home with contracts and other important academy information via US postal service. The contract must be signed and returned to the academy school via US postal service or by dropping off at the school’s front office.

    If a student is wait-listed, their status MAY change as other students start responding to notifications. The student will need to check back to the link to see if their status has changed to “invited” during the time frame. Accepting an Invitation from one Academy will remove the applicant from the other Academy’s wait-list. Students must make decisions by the deadline.

    If a student is not-invited, the academy staff determined the academy was not a good fit for the student. The student is encouraged to explore other high school options available to them at their home high school. Read about all the Career Pathway in Olathe Public Schools

    Please refer to the Application Timeline for dates and deadlines.

    It is highly recommended that parents and students sit down together to view and discuss the notification of their application status.

    Below are examples of what a student might see when they log into the notification link.

    Notification with invitations to two academies.  Student must choose to accept or decline.  They may only accept one, but could decline both

    Notification with invitation to one academy and not invited to second.  Student must choose to accept or decline the invitation.

    Notification with invitations to one academy and waited listed for the second. Student will want to check back each day until the close to see if their wait list has changed to invited.  Student must choose to accept or decline.

    Notification that the student was not invited to the academies they applied to.  The student is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities in are Career Pathway CTE and OATC programs in High School.