Information for Incoming 21st Century Students

  • Introductory Video

    A short video is available and often used at enrollment time to help students and parents better understand the eAcademy program and its purpose. Click here to watch this video.

    Potential, or accepted, 21st Century Academy Students (and any other incoming freshmen):

    Olathe’s eAcademy program provides options for students to create scheduling flexibility by taking one or more high school courses online to free up space in their daily schedule. This creates opportunities to pursue elective courses such as four years of performing arts, international language, or other electives of interest, in addition to meeting OPS-required courses for graduation and Academy course requirements for program endorsements. eAcademy offers a limited selection of online courses, taken at-home as an eighth hour during the school year (no fee), or during an eight-week summer session (summer fee). High school counselors and 21st Century Academy program advisors work with each incoming student to develop their four-year plan of study, which will help determine if it is necessary to consider taking eAcademy courses. 

    Here are our guidelines to review.

    • Students' first step is to create a four-year Individual Plan of Study (IPS) to identify and schedule required and elective courses, and determine if they might need to consider eAcademy course options. The student's high school counselor and 21st Century Academy advisor will help develop the IPS.
    • If a student needs eAcademy courses, the student should not plan to enroll in online courses in the summer right after 8th grade. Our program history has shown that students not yet in high school often lack the required computer hardware and software, file management, and content mastery skills that they will gain in their first year. Our courses are not designed for students to take prior to entering or completing their freshman year. There is a high risk of earning a poor course grade before even starting high school, which is permanent on the student's transcript.
    • eAcademy enrollment during the freshman year is an option, but adding an eighth-hour course is likely to be a stressful challenge to a student's evening schedule. We have found that the most successful students begin online courses the summer after their freshman year and continue during their sophomore year or the following summer. It is not accurate that a student must have all freshman courses completed before starting their sophomore year. Students will benefit from having transition time to adjust to their new high school and their applicable 21st Century Academy program.
    • eAcademy online PE Concepts is a popular course because the 9th grade schedule is often full. This is not the only option. We also offer an eAcademy 9th grade Modern World Studies (not Pre-AP) course. If students do take PE during the freshman year, they might consider delaying the .25 health quarter enrollment until later, and only completing the .75 PE component offered in quarters 2-3-4. The first quarter will be less stressful while acclimating to high school. There is also an option to complete the entire credit the summer after the freshman year. More information about PE can be found on the PE information page found on the menu to the left.
    • Enrollment is not self-elective. If it is determined that online courses are needed for scheduling flexibility, the student's high school counselor will advise on where they are best placed in the four-year schedule and then give permission and enrollment instructions at the appropriate time.

    We recommend that you explore more here on the eAcademy website, where you will find answers to most all other questions regarding enrolling in and completing online courses. If you have any remaining questions, you can then contact your 21st Century Program advisor, your high school counselor, or the eAcademy office for answers.