Expectations for Students

  • Students (and parents) are required to complete an online Orientation to review and verify understanding of the policies and procedures of eAcademy. Students are to adhere to a code of academic honesty, and plagiarism is considered grounds for assignment or course failure, and suspension or expulsion from the program. All Olathe Public School Policies also apply to the eAcademy program.

    Students should be aware that online courses are NOT easier than being in the classroom. Due to the time required to read instructions, electronically complete documents and written discussions, etc. students should expect to commit a minimum of one hour per day per course at the computer with homework time offline.

    Students must have prerequisite computer skills including email use, file management, creating and managing Microsoft Office files. Documents are often posted or sent in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. It is may be necessary to install software or plugins on your computer to complete a course. If needed, additional free course software (other than Office software) will be downloaded and installed from links provided by the eAcademy or instructors. Students are required to use their student (school) Gmail account for all correspondence in all aspects of the program. Tech support information and links for students and parents are located on the Support section of this site.