• eAcademy began offering online courses to Olathe high school students in the fall of 2003. The objective was to provide a flexible learning option for students that were not well suited for full-time regular classroom learning. eAcademy has always provided only a limited selection of courses, which has changed over the years based on student need. The growth of the district's 21st Century Academies has played a significant role in influencing the course selection, as many students in these programs use our online courses to provide scheduling flexibility. eAcademy is not a full-time virtual school. We provide only initial credit courses and are not a credit recovery program.

Program Structure

  • Students taking eAcademy courses generally have a full schedule in the regular classroom and add on an online course as an after-school addition to their school day. Courses are asynchronous (no live lectures) and are delivered via the Moodle or Edgenuity learning management systems.

    eAcademy courses are designed and taught by certified Olathe teachers, utilizing the Board-adopted Olathe curricula and instructional materials. Students who enroll in courses must adhere to scheduled deadlines and complete all the coursework outlined by the instructor. A variety of instructional methods are utilized to deliver content which may include print or online texts, video, audio, streaming media, discussion boards, and more. Students are required to use their school Gmail account as the primary tool for communication. Assignments are completed in Microsoft Office format and are submitted online. Grades are posted in an online grade book.

    No fee is charged for student enrollment in the fall or spring semesters. There is a fee for summer courses.

    At the start of each term, students are required to complete an online Orientation that can generally be completed in less than ninety minutes.

Student Profile

  • A wide range of student circumstances drives our enrollment. Here is a small selection of student needs we meet with the eAcademy online program:

    • Students who need scheduling flexibility for elective options and want to supplement their regular class schedule.
    • Students who have early release or are December early graduates.
    • Students who have long-term medical circumstances preventing regular classroom attendance.

    Counselors advise students regarding their four-year IPS (Individual Plan of Study) to determine if additional online courses are needed, and must give permission for students to apply for eAcademy enrollment. Students should see their counselor for advising if they believe eAcademy enrollment might be a good choice.