Course Catalog

  • eAcademy offers a variety of courses to OPS students in grades 9-12, as shown below in the course list, contingent upon student enrollment and instructor availability. eAcademy's online courses are taken in addition to a student's full schedule, like an "eighth hour" during the school year, or during our eight-week summer session. Students must meet any prerequisite requirements listed in the High School Program Planning Guide to enroll in offered courses. Tuition is free during the spring and fall semesters; there is a fee for summer courses.

    • Courses are accredited through District Curriculum Coordinators who assure content is aligned to district and state curriculum standards.
    • Courses are taught or supervised by experienced teachers certified in the content area by the Kansas State Department of Education.
    • Courses utilize the Olathe School Board adopted curriculum and instructional materials for each subject area.
    • All courses can be accessed from any computer with Internet access. eAcademy is not accessible on mobile devices.
    • Please read the pages on course expectations before committing to taking a course.
    • eAcademy semesters generally follow the Olathe District's School calendar.  Click here to see specific eAcademy semester schedules.

    More information about courses can be found in the High School Program Planning Guide. Click here to view the High School PPG.

    Not all courses are offered each term (fall, spring, summer). The table below shows which courses will be offered fall, spring, and summer (Yes and No). Offer does not guarantee the course will run; we must meet the minimum enrollment requirements to run each course. The spring list changes based on which run in the fall semester so you have to checkfor updates. We are often able to run more courses in the summer. See the Summer eAcademy page for summer information.

    More information about how courses work is available in our Expectations channel. Click here to learn more about course structure.

Courses Offered (* means guaranteed to run)

Subject Area Course Credit Fall Spring Summer
Applied Communications Creative Writing .50 Yes No Yes
Applied Communications Advanced Creative Writing .50 No Yes* Yes
Fine Arts Art History .50 Yes Yes Yes*
Fine Arts History of Film .50 Yes Yes Yes*
English English IV-B .50 Yes No Yes*
PE Concepts/ Health Health/ PE Module A .50 Yes No Yes*
PE Concepts/ Health PE Modules B, C .50 No Yes* Yes*
Practical and Consumer Studies Consumer and Personal Finance .50 Yes Yes* Yes*
Practical and Consumer Studies Intro to Psychology .50 No Yes* Yes*
Social Science Modern World History A .50 Yes No Yes*
Social Science Modern World History B .50 No Yes* Yes*
Social Science US Government .50 Yes Yes Yes*
Social Science US History A .50 Yes No Yes*
Social Science US History B .50 No Yes* Yes*
Social Science Human Geography .50 No Yes Yes*
Technology Computer Applications I .50 Yes* Yes* Yes*


  • After working with your counselor and getting enrollment permission, enroll using the following link. You will need your counselor's permission code to enroll.

    Click here to access the eAcademy Enrollment Form Enrollment is closed for summer 2021