General Information

  • The state of Kansas requires .50 credits of health and .50 credits of physical education for graduation for a total of 1.0 credits. A combination of enrollment distributed over summers and/or school year semesters can be used to meet this requirement. This page will help you understand the online physical education course.


    • eAcademy PE Concepts is not a non-physical alternative to physical education, it is simply an alternate format. It is a physically demanding course, requiring monitored, mostly-independent workouts using a Polar monitor, with additional written text assignments in Moodle. The health course is delivered using video-based content in Edgenuity.
    • Students may complete the health course and PE Concepts course in any order, fall, spring, or summer. In summer, students may take both courses at the same time in our eight-week summer program.
    • Students will attend a required Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) training session via Zoom when starting physical education.
    • School-year online PE students complete 40 workouts, an average of three per week through the semester. Summer online PE students complete 30 workouts, an average of four per week through the eight-week summer term. Students can complete workouts consecutively and finish early. However, students are not permitted to log more than one workout session per day, as we are trying to develop a healthy habit of exercising multiple days each week.
    • Students must adhere to an approved list of workout activities that aligns with what a student in traditional school physical education would do. For example, school students would not mow the lawn or shovel snow in physical education class, so these are not approved workouts.
    • Students wear a Polar heart monitor while exercising, then periodically upload their heart rate data to their Polar Flow account for grading. Students may sync their monitor through the Polar website via computer or by using the Polar app on their smartphone. The monitor records dates and times of workouts, and shows the time students were in their "zone" — elevated heart rate for typically for 25 minutes — to complete each qualified workout. Shorter workouts receive point deductions.
    • Students in team or club sports may find that they cannot wear their heart monitor during organized team practice. They should plan to complete their physical education workouts in addition to participating in team sports. This is no different from a student in football, basketball, volleyball, etc. who still has a separate freshman physical education course as part of their schedule. Team sports do not count for physical education credit.
    • Our current heart monitor does work in the water (for swimming), but students should not push the monitor buttons while underwater to avoid device failure.

    Required Physical Education Advisory Form

    The Olathe Public Schools requires both the student and one of their parents/guardians to complete a physical activity advisory form when first starting online physical education. It must be completed independently by each student and their parent/guardian, so that means twice — once by the student and once by a parent/guardian of the student. This is not optional. Students who fail to complete this requirement will be locked out of their physical education course and not allowed to continue. Click here to complete the advisory online