General Information

  • The state of Kansas requires one full credit of Health/PE for graduation. In eAcademy this is .25 credits of Health and .75 credits of PE. A combination of enrollment distributed over summers and/or school year semesters can be used to meet this requirement. This page will help you understand the online PE course.


    • eAcademy PE is not a non-physical alternative to PE, it is simply an alternate format. It is a physically demanding course, requiring monitored, mostly-independent workouts with additional written text assignments.
    • Students MUST complete Modules A, B, and C in sequence, plus an additional health Module. All Modules are .25 credits and correspond to quarters in the school year calendar or summer session. Find additional help on Module sequence below on this page.
    • Students will attend a required Polar heart rate monitor (HRM) training session via Zoom when starting Module A.
    • During the school year, online PE students complete 24 workouts during each .25 quarter-length Module, an average of three per week. Summer PE students complete 20 workouts during each quarter-length Module, an average of five per week. Students can complete workouts consecutively and finish early. However, students are not permitted to log more than one workout session per day, as we are trying to develop a healthy habit of exercising multiple days each week. [Note: eAcademy reserves the right to modify these requirements as needed to fit district schedules or special program circumstances, although this is not expected and students would be notified well in advance.]
    • Students must adhere to an approved list of workout activities that aligns with what a student in traditional school PE would do. For example, mowing the lawn and shoveling snow are not approved.
    • Students wear a Polar heart monitor while exercising, then periodically upload their heart rate data to their Polar Flow account for grading. Students may sync their monitor through the Polar website via computer or by using the Polar app on their smart phone. The monitor records dates and times of workouts, and shows the time students were in their "zone" - elevated heart rate for typically for 25-30 minutes - to complete each qualified workout. Shorter workouts receive point deductions.
    • Students in team or club sports may find that they cannot wear their heart monitor during organized team practice. They are usually required to complete their PE workouts in addition to team sports. This is no different than a student in football, basketball, volleyball, etc who still has a separate freshman PE course as part of their schedule. Team sports do not count for PE credit.
    • Our current heart monitor does work in the water (for swimming), but pushing the monitor buttons while under water will likely cause the device to fail.
    • Students take a final assessment in at least one of the PE modules.

    Required PE Advisory Form

    The Olathe Public Schools requires both the student and one of their parents/guardians to complete a physical activity advisory form when first starting online PE. It must be completed independently by each student and their parent/guardian, so that means twice - once by the student and once by a parent/guardian of the student. This is not optional. Students who fail to complete this requirement will be locked out of their PE course and not allowed to continue.  Click here to complete the advisory online

PE Module Sequencing

  • PE Sequencing

    There are several options for completing the four Modules for the 1.0 PE credit. However, PE Modules A, B, and C must be taken in sequence. Students must always start with Module A followed by B and C. The Health Module may be taken at any time.

    Students may also combine .50 credits of classroom PE with .50 credits of online PE. But the courses are different because classroom PE does not use heart monitors. Therefore, when students take online PE - even just .50 credits - they must always start with PE Module A; the remaining .25 module will be either Health or PE Module B, depending on whether the student has already completed Health in their classroom PE semester.

    Summer Extension Opportunity

    We have found over many years and hundreds of students that the most successful PE students are those with their freshman year behind them. We are now offering a new opportunity which helps those students with sequencing to save both time and money! Here’s how it works.

    After the student finishes their freshman year, they enroll in summer PE Modules A and B and pay the summer fee. Then, at the end of their summer session, they keep their Polar monitor and go right into Module C and finish that third PE Module just as school starts in August, and then take their Health Module after school starts first quarter. This allows the student to complete their entire 1.0 credit in one consecutive time block and we record the PE Module C and Health Module as fall credit so there is no fee – saving $150! The summer extension option was initially piloted with upper classmen and it was so successful it is now a summer program option for all PE students.

    Students starting online PE in the summer will enroll in Modules A and B. Then, sometime in June, we will ask students if they want to participate in the summer extension, and if they accept the offer, we will extend their enrollment. Students only need to enroll in Modules A and B to get started and then we'll take care of the rest during summer.

    Note that the extension opportunity is one option. After summer Modules A and B the student may also complete the remaining .50 credits during the school year or return the following summer.

    Below is a table outlining the Module sequencing options. However, we highly recommend the summer extension sequence as the best option for most students!

PE Sequence Options- Modules Must Be Completed in Order

Sequence Options Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Summer 1 Summer 2
School Year Only Sequence: Health Module A Module B Module C
Summers Only Sequence: Modules A-B Mod C/Health
Summer/School Yr Sequence: Health Module C Modules A-B
Summer Extension Sequence: Health Modules A-B-C