Summer Session

  • Session Information:

    Our eight-week summer eAcademy session is open to students who have completed their freshman year. Students do not enroll in eAcademy the summer right after eighth grade. The summer eAcademy session is designed for advanced placement students or those in specialty programs who will experience scheduling conflicts in their four-year Individual Plan of Study (IPS).

    Students will compact 18 weeks of work into an eight-week summer session, so the compressed rate of learning is rigorous. Students must be prepared to devote a minimum of 10 hours (usually more) per week per .50 credit course to meet course deadlines. More information about how courses work and time committment is available in our Expectations channel. Click here to learn more about course structure.

    The eAcademy Courses page on the Enrollment channel indicates which courses will be offered each term, and if they have met the minimum enrollment to run, including the summer session. After working with their counselor and getting an enrollment permission code, students may enroll. The enrollment link is at the bottom of the eAcademy Courses page.

    Dates for all semesters, including the summer session, are posted. Click here to see the schedules page. Students will start the orientation process as indicated, prior to the course start date.

    Information Notifications:

    • Students must monitor their student Google mail and personal email accounts for messages; messages do not appear in StudentVUE or ParentVUE.
    • Summer fees will be billed weekly beginning May 1. See the section below for more information about summer fees.
    • Around the last day of the school year in May, students who are enrolled will receive an enrollment confirmation with instructions to hang on a few more days and then detailed summer instructions will be emailed.
    • About five days before the summer session start date, students will receive enrollment confirmation and instructions to begin the online startup/orientation process. This is also the date that PE students will need to pick up heart monitors.
    • On the summer session start date, all students will attend a required startup meeting (on Zoom) with their instructor to receive course information. Meeting times will be provided to students and vary by instructor, but are usually early evening with makeup options.

    Out-Of-District Summer Students:

    We allow summer student enrollment from local districts that have a cooperating agreement with Olathe. We do not anticipate having to limit course enrollment to only Olathe students, but should that happen because of an exceedingly large enrollment, out-of-district students would be notified and their registration payment returned.

Summer Fee Payment

  • There is no fee for eAcademy enrollment during the fall or spring semester. There is a fee for summer eAcademy. The summer course fee is $200 per .50 credit course, and $50 for the .50 credit Health course. Full refunds will be issued for drops UNTIL the first day of the summer session. After that day there are no fee refunds. 

    eAcademy will ask the business department to begin posting summer course fees to student accounts weekly beginning May 1. Students who have registered with the district as qualifying for free/reduced fees will see half the summer course fee posted to their account. Payment can be made in installments or in full at the family's convenience.

    Paying Summer eAcademy Fees

    The Olathe distict uses the TouchBase system for fee payments.

    • Parents must have a ParentVUE account to access Touchbase. If you do not currently have a ParentVue account, please contact your school for assistance.
    • First-time TouchBase users need their ParentVUE username and will need to create a TouchBase Password.
    • After logging in, select the student's name. Then select PayFines/Fees.

    Screenshot of payment portal

    • If you are paying for more than one family member, you can do a combined checkout. Start in Your Family and select each Student one at a time to add the fees due. Then complete checkout in one step.

    Click here to access the TouchBase Payment Portal

    Click here for more information about TouchBase and links for HELP