Travel and Account Security

  • Lockouts:
    If you log in to your student computer or your school district accounts from outside the United States, district technology will receive a security alert regarding your login, think that it's a cyberattack on the network, and they will lock your district accounts preventing access to Microsoft, Moodle, your student Gmail account, district websites, and even your student computer. You should not experience issues traveling inside the United States. However, please notify eAcademy and your instructor before traveling.

    What does that mean for course work?
    You cannot access district accounts for your course from outside the country. If your absence is only a few days, you can work offline using a personal computer and communicate with personal email, or you'll just have to work ahead before you leave, stay offline, and catch up when you return. Details should be worked out WELL in advance of your absence, with the eAcademy office and your course instructor.

    If you get locked out, there are very few options.
    You can communicate with eAcademy using a personal email account. If you are inside the US, district technology can assist immediately with getting your access restored. If you are outside the US, you will have to wait until you return to Olathe to get help from district technology to restore your accounts.

    If your travel time is going to be extended, then you should not enroll in an eAcademy course.
    If travel prevents you from accessing district websites or your accounts for a significant portion of your semester or summer session, you will be unable to complete coursework, and you should not enroll. See your counselor about adjusting your schedule and enrolling in eAcademy courses when you are not traveling.

    Contacting the Help Desk:
    Click here to access the district help page with links to the Help Desk.