Welcome to Online Learning

  • Students, this is the starting place for information regarding your online course(s). There are several different programs managed here. You will begin by reading this page and at the botttom you will find instructions taking you on to the next part of your preparation. Good luck in your semseter!

Network Identity

  • Network UserName:  Every student has a network username. (Example: 345sas15) Students use their network username to log in to the district network, ClassLink, StudentVue, Moodle, student Google mail, tech devices, and other district sites and applications. It is very important that students know their district network username.

    Network Password:  At the beginning of the school year you must log in to a school computer with your network username and set your password. You will not be able to log in to email until this is done. Teachers in your school will know the default password to enter the first time.  You will then be asked to set your own new personal password.  Your password should be 8 characters minimum and contain a capital letter and a number to comply with Google requirements. Be sure to remember your new password – put it in your smart phone or somewhere secure, but where you can find it if you forget what you set. Passwords usually expire about every three months and will therefore need to be reset periodically. Students can now reset their expired password from home. Click this link for instructions on resetting your expired password.

Student Google Mail

  • Your email address uses your network username followed by @students.olatheschools.com. For the network name example above the email address would be 345sas15@students.olatheschools.com. Students' most frequent email mistake is not typing their email address correctly.

    Initial messages from eAcademy may be sent to both your school and student email accounts, but soon your school email will be the only account to which messages are sent. You MUST use your school email account.

    You CANNOT access your school email through StudentVue to see messages sent from outside StudentVUE. You MUST go to Google.com and log in using your full school email address and school network password.

    For more help on Google Mail click this link to see the Google Mail help page.

Technology Assistance Resources

  • The district Technology Support Center has made it possible for students to access several self-help resources for password issues, software installation, connectivity issues, and other circumstances that students may experience.

    Students may also contact the Help Desk directly without going through teachers or administrators, for additional help if the website resources are insufficient.

    Click this link to learn how to access technology help resources including the Help Desk.  School-year hours are school days 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. Summer hours are Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.


  • Now, on the left menu click the button labeled A or B that matches the program you are in, to read complete startup and orientation instructions.