eAcademy Semester Startup Information

  • Welcome to eAcademy! This is your eAcademy Startup information. Upon completing this page, you'll go on to the Orientation.

    Program Commitments

    Students often sign up for eAcademy with little knowledge of time commitment, course structure, program requirements, and more. We have extensive information on this site about how our program works if students need to obtain a clearer understanding of the commitment they are accepting. Read more about course structure.

    Watch The Startup Video

    All students are required to watch the eAcademy startup video by the deadline (found in your email) using the link below, to learn about program procedures and expectations, and to complete the required orientation. The video is about 28 minutes long and must be watched in advance of your course Zoom startup meeting. Parents are also encouraged to watch the video with their students, or individually.

    There are two separate groups of eAcademy students and your startup EMAIL tells which group you are in. There is a separate startup video for EACH group and you MUST watch the correct video to get the required information. You will click the correct video link below to watch. eAcademy is not responsible for your failure to read instructions and watch the correct video.

    Note that it might take a moment to load. The video will highlight the required Orientation tasks and will provide the URL to continue on to the Orientation; you can only get the Orientation URL by watching the video. You should have a notepad handy to write down reminders for yourself.

    Stop now and watch your video. After watching the video (and writing down the Orientation URL), return to this page to continue reading.

    Moodle Login And Course Access

    eAcademy courses are located in Moodle. All students have a Moodle login. You will find the instructions for logging into Moodle as you continue through the Orientation. Access Moodle on a computer using Firefox or Chrome. Do not use any other browser; do not attempt to work on an iPad or phone.

    You will not see your eAcademy courses in Moodle until the eAcademy staff assigns your course. When it's active, click into the course to see announcements from your instructor, the syllabus, due dates, and all your course work. Remember, your course is not self-paced and there is a strict calendar of due dates that you must meet; be on time. 


    Your course will tell you how to get to your text if there is one. Texts in some courses are PDF, stored in our OneDrive account. If you click the link and get a message that says you do not have access, just log in to your OneDrive or Office account and that should allow you to access and open the PDF file.

    Physical Education Students' Details 

    (If you are not in physical education, you can skip this section.)

    • You will receive instructions for pickup of your Polar heart monitor. In the summer that will be at the Instructional Resource Center (14090 Black Bob Road). During the school year your monitor may be delivered to your high school. If you do not get a monitor you cannot participate in the PE course. You cannot use your own. Get your Polar monitor set up and synced according to the instructions that you are given.
    • Anyone who has not synced at least one workout by the deadline (see email) must attend the Zoom physical education training. Links to the Zoom meetings will be in your startup email.
    • Each physical education student and one of their parents must sign a physical activity advisory when starting Module A of online physical education. This means complete the form twice — parents complete once and students complete it once. The link to the instructions can be found in your physical education course in Moodle to complete this waiver online. You can also click here to access the instructions and complete the form now. The advisory does not have to be repeated for subsequent physical education Modules.
    • Physical education students are reminded that there are workouts to complete that will be uploaded into PolarFlow as well as text assignments in Moodle. Students taking Health will do those lessons in Edgenuity. It is critical that students attend to all components of the physical education course to earn credit.
    • Remember that all the startup information, help videos, and other Polar monitor documentation is in your Moodle course for reference throughout the semester if you need to review it again or lose your paper copies.

    Health Students' Details

    • Your coursework is in a program called Edgenuity. Health students will receive an email with general Edgenuity instructions and your Edgenuity login.
    • This communication will be sent to your school Google email account. Please remember this is the email account you will always use. Email messages do not appear in StudentVUE.


    eAcademy follows the Olathe Public Schools secondary grading guidelines. All courses are graded using the standard scale: 100-90% = A; 89-80% = B; 79-70% = C; 69-60% = D; an F will be transcribed for students who achieve below 60% or fail to complete their online course. School-year course drops may be allowed for serious family life events that would be considered hardship situations. Summer courses may be dropped at any time but with no fee refund.

    Courses use online gradebooks (not in StudentVue) and that is where students will find assignment and assessment grades as well as any grading feedback from their instructor. Parents may view the gradebook and teacher feedback by having their student log into their course and show them the gradebook.

Required Orientation for Students

  • All students who are taking online courses in Moodle are required to complete an orientation to virtual learning. This Orientation is built into the eAcademy website as a mini-course and will take less than 90 minutes to complete. Because an orientation is required, students who do not complete the Orientation will be removed from the eAcademy program. If you previously completed the Orientation for another eAcademy course, you are required to do it again unless instructed otherwise. Since you have done it before, it will go quickly. Just speed-read through the information and take the quiz. Students who are taking more than one course, such as in summer, just complete the orientation one time.

    The Orientation is located in this site but not on a menu. You are required to watch the startup video. The URL to get to the Orientation is in the video. If you don't know how to get to the Orientation, then you haven't watched the startup video. The link to the startup video is above if you need to go back up and watch the video. Remember to write down the link for the Orientation.

    The orientation includes an updated plagiarism policy that covers the use of Chat GPT or other similar artificial intelligence applications. Students should review that section carefully.

    Note for Health students: You will not complete this orientation for Health. There is an eight-minute video in Edgenuity that you will watch the first time you log in. However, if you have Health AND another class you WILL complete this orientation for the other class.

    Finish reading this page. The last instruction sends you to the Orientation.

All-Student Course Startup Zoom Meetings

  • All students should clear their schedules to attend the required course startup Zoom meeting(s) to meet the course teacher(s) and get answers to your questions about the course. Zoom meetings are scheduled on the course start date. The link to access the Zoom meetings is provided on your startup web page. If you have an emergency and cannot attend your session, email your instructor, and they will communicate your options for catching up. Do not notify Mr Warner; contact your instructor.

    In summer, the sessions are repeated so that students with more than one course can attend more than one meeting. Attendance is required for each course you are enrolled in.

    Students will use Zoom for both startup and periodic meetings with their instructors. Parents may sit with their students to observe during a class Zoom but should not be on the computer as participants in the Zoom sessions.

    The link to access all Zoom meetings is provided in your startup email.

Proceed To the Orientation

  • You will now use the URL given only in the startup video, to access the hidden Orientation and complete it, then take the completion quiz (in Moodle) to show that you completed the orientation. If you haven't watched the startup video yet to learn how get to the orientation, scroll back up and click the video link and watch now. If you have the URL, you can type it in the browser bar now to continue and complete the orientation.