Online Courses in Edgenuity

  • To complete your Health online course, physical education students in all physical education-qualified courses (PE Concepts, Strength and Conditioning, Cheer, Dance/Drill Team, and eAcademy PE) will be using Edgenuity, an online courseware, to deliver the lessons. The Edgenuity curriculum has been aligned with the Olathe School District’s health curriculum and mirrors what is taught in a traditional physical education/health class. All your work will be online. There is no textbook. Your Edgenuity login is NOT your regular school login. You will receive a separate email sent to your school email with your Edgenuity login. (This is not the messaging system in StudentVue.)

    The first time you log in you will have to watch an eight-minute orientation video. Watch the ENTIRE video — let it play all the way out — or it will come up again the next time, and every time, you log in until you watch it to the end. This is the only orientation needed for your Edgenuity course.

    Once you are logged in you will click the Join a Course button and enter the access code provided in your startup email. You will then see a course tile for Health. The next section on this page shows what that looks like. Click the Health tile to begin working.

    In each lesson you will view an instructional video, then answer some questions about the lesson. Each module ends with a short quiz which you must pass with 60% or better, or you will need to go through the lesson again. After three failed attempts, you are locked out and have to contact your supervisor for help.

    Browsers: Please install and use either the Firefox or Chrome browser on your student computer to complete your work. Do NOT use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge. You can view a help page on how to install browsers using the Company Portal.

    Access the Edgenity Student Login page.

Course Progress

  • Edgenuity courses are graded courses; you will receive the letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) you earn upon completing the course. Edgenuity courses do not have regular due dates; only the course end date is a firm deadline. The course pacing guide will indicate if you are on schedule to finish your course on time. The pacing guide is always available to help you measure your progress. Teachers will be monitoring your progress and will notify you, your parents, and counselor if you fall behind or are failing.

    Upon logging in you will see your course summary page with a tile for each course you are taking. The tile shows your current grade and your progress bar. Green means you are ahead of schedule, blue means on schedule, and red means behind schedule. The grade shown is your Actual Grade with zeros added in for the work that is late. When you catch up and get back on schedule this grade will raise with no late work penalty. Below is a sample progress screen for a student enrolled in multiple courses.

    Screenshot of student login page

Edgenuity Health FAQ for Physical Education Students

    • Why am I taking Health online in Edgenuity?
      The state of Kansas and Olathe district require that you have Health as part of your physical education credit. You complete the health component online. The course must be completed with a passing grade to get your physical education credit for graduation. Students in every physical education-qualified course will be completing Health this way – PE Concepts, Strength and Conditioning, cheer, dance. When you see “PE” mentioned below it means all of these classes.
    • How does Edgenuity work?
      The course is about twenty hours of watching videos and answering questions. There is no textbook and there are no written assignments. The first time you log in you will watch an eight-minute orientation video. Then click on the course tile for Health and you will go into the first lesson and begin watching videos and answering questions.
    • How do I get my course?
      You will click the Join a Course button and enter the access code provided in your startup email. You will then see a course tile for Health.
    • Can you tell me more about orientation?
      Yes. When you log in to Edgenuity the first time you will watch an orientation video that's about 8 minutes long. Let it play ALL the way until it stops to avoid having it come up again. Once you complete that, there are no additional orientation requirements.
    • How do I get my login for Edgenuity?
      Your Edgenuity login is NOT your regular school login. Your username and password will be emailed to you along with the login site. Your physical education instructor will also have your login.
    • Are there regular due dates in Edgenuity?
      No. There is a start date and an end date. Edgenuity will show you a progress bar. The progress bar will be red if you are behind, blue if you are on schedule, and green if you are ahead. Edgenuity temporarily calculates zeros for lessons that are late, but then the grades fill in when you catch up.
    • What is the calendar for course completion?
      Most physical education students will take health during the fall semester; some will in the spring; semester; you may not be taking it the same time as your friends.Your physical education teacher will tell you when you will take Health.
    • When will I work on the course?
      This will vary across the district. You will have some time in physical education class. You should have your student devices available and charged at school every day. You may have to do a little homework to keep on schedule as in other classes.
    • What happens if I get behind in the course?
      Put in more work time and catch up. Your instructor may require you to work on the course during your physical education hour and you may be left out of physical education activities. You might also have required study hall time before or after school or during study periods in the school day.
    • How many attempts do I get on the quizzes?
      You must pass the quiz or test with a score of 60% or better to move on to the next assignment. You get three attempts on each quiz and test. If you still do not pass on the third attempt, your course will lock and you will not be able to proceed.
    • If I fail three quiz attempts and my course locks up what do I do?
      If your quiz locks you will need to email your physical education/health instructor who will look at your attempts and figure out why you’re not passing. They will talk with you, unlock your quiz, and give you more test attempts. You still must take and pass the quiz.
    • Can I take notes during the lessons?
      Yes, either paper-pencil notes or electronically in the course. You can use these notes during the quizzes and tests. While the lessons may take a little longer this way, it will take much longer to repeat the quizzes and tests multiple times. So you are smart to take notes.
    • Can I retake quizzes for a higher grade?
      You get three attempts on every quiz and test. If you pass but want to try for a higher score, you may retest until you have used your three attempts. After three attempts on a quiz or test you do not get more chances.
    • Is this course graded?
      Yes. Your grade will be shown to you on your login screen. It’s graded 90/80/70/60 just like any other class. Your Health grade will be added into your physical education grade. It will be 50% of your quarter physical education grade. Health is therefore 25% of your semester grade.
    • What happens if I don’t finish the course?
      You must finish the course — every lesson. Your progress chart will show 100% complete when you finish. If you don’t complete your Health course, an F will be assigned as your physical education grade until you complete Health. Your Health grade will then be calculated into your physical education grade, and your passing physical education grade will be updated on your transcript.

Getting Help

  • Where do I get help if I’m having trouble? The first person to contact is your course supervisor. If additional assistance is needed, you may complete a Google help form.