• Moodle works fine in Chrome or Firefox on a PC.

    On an Apple computer Moodle should work fine in Safari. You can also install Firefox on an Apple computer and use that.

    Never use Internet Explorer or Edge. You are very likely to encounter issues. So just... don't!

Opening Documents in Your Course

  • The first rule of opening documents in Moodle (and anywhere really) is never just click the link. Instead right-click and save the document to your computer - whever you organize your files. Documents will generally be Word documents, PDFs, or PowerPoints, although there are a few other file types.

    Once the file is downloaded you can go to the location it was saved and double-click the document and it should open in the correct appliction. Word docs should open in word; PDFs should open in Adobe; etc.

    If for some reason your computer forgets the correct application - for example a .doc does not open in Word - try starting Word first, then click File... Open... and browse to the saved file location and click on the file. This should allow you to open and work with the file.

    We have discovered that some high school student devices may not include a local installation of Office. If you do not have Office software installed please click here for Office installation instructions.

    If you still experience issues it will be time to get help with your device from the district Technology Support Center. Click here to access the district's technology help page for students.

Opening the Textbook in Your Course

  • If your course has a textbook there is a PDF of the text in your course. Your computer should have Adobe Reader installed. Adobe or any other PDF reader should be able to open the file.

    Texts are stored in a district cloud drive that is protected from the general public. There are a couple of things you should know about accessing the files.

    • Never just click the textbook link in your course to open the file. You can right-click and save the file to your computer and access the file from your computer.
    • If you get an error message that says you need to request access to the file try this first. Open a second browser tab and log in to your OneDrive. Leave this tab open. Then go back to the tab with your Moodle course and try the link again. The text should open now.
    • If you are still having issues, you will probably need to Zoom with Mr Warner and show what's happening in order to get additional help.