Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often could I expect to work?

    It depends on your willingness to work in a variety of classroom settings and school buildings. If you are flexible with the types of assignments and number of schools you are willing to go to, you could work most days that the schools are in session. Substitute teachers are required to work at least five full days or the equivalent in order to be eligible to reactive for the next school year.

    How are substitute teachers assigned to jobs?

    Olathe Public Schools utilizes Absent Management for teacher coverage. You can access this online, via phone, or by calling our substitute office to be placed in open positions. For more information, email

    How much are substitute teachers paid?

    The daily rates for a substitute teacher is $133.00 per day. A substitute teacher that does a long-term position (more than 10 days in the same position) moves to $160.00 per day.

    How often are substitute teachers paid?

    Substitute teachers are paid on the 15th and 30th of each month.

    How long does my employment application stay on file?

    One year.

    Do I need to complete another application to be considered each year?

    No. Once you have been hired and work the minimum five-day requirement, you will be eligible for reactivation for the following school year. We make coming back easy!

    How do I renew my KSDE Certificate?

    If you are an emergency substitute, pay the renewal fee at then email Terrie Hamilton a copy of your license. 

    If you have a teaching license or a standard substitute license, email Ashley Martin or call (913) 780-7891 for a plan to renew your certificate.  Please provide a copy of your new license to Shelly Longstreth once it is updated.