Leaving Employment






                                        Leaving Employment



    A vested employee who leaves a KPERS-covered position before retirement has two options:


    1. Leave contributions in KPERS, earning interest and then receive a monthly retirement benefit when eligible.
    2. Withdraw contributions and interest, forfeiting all service and retirement benefits.


    All non-vested employees who leave covered positions must withdraw contributions and interest within five years.


    KPERS 1 and KPERS 2 employee contributions stop earning interest after five years.

    KPERS 3 contributions stop earning interest after two years.


    If no action is taken to withdraw member contributions and interest within 5 years of members end date, the account moves to unclaimed status at the state of Kansas.


    IMPORTANT: Employees must wait 31 days after ending employment to submit the K-13 withdrawal form.


    Leaving Employment

    Withdrawal Form