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                                      KPERS Membership


    KPERS membership is a condition of employment for any employee in a "covered" position.  A "covered" position requires at least 630 hours per calendar year, working consistently 17.5 hours a week.   Monday through Friday schedule does not matter.


    VESTING-Employees earn service credit working in a covered position.  All active KPERS members vest with five years of service, a total of 20 quarters.

    • 5 years x 4 quarters a year =20
    • 4.5 years rounds up to 5 years


    The benefits of vesting are:

    1. Receive a lifetime retirement benefit even if employee leaves employment.
    2. Continue to earn interest on account balance after leaving employment.


    KPERS member levels are dependent on your membership date.  Each membership level has different features.



    • Membership before July 1, 1993, contribute 6% and earn 8% interest.
    • Memberhip on or after July, 1 1993, contribute 6% and earn 4% interest.



    • Members on or after July 1, 2009, and before January 1, 2015, contribute 6% and earn 4% interest.



    • Members on or after January 1, 2015, contribute 6%, earn 4% interest quarterly and earn retirement credits that are only available at retirement.