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    Retirement Income and Survivor Benefits-After you retire, you receive a guaranteed monthly payment from KPERS for the rest of your life. You can choose from different survivor payment options at retirement that will provide a guaranteed benefit to your named survivor.  Click on the links below to find out the differences between maximum benefit, joint survivor benefit and life certain option.  Remember if your joint survivor passes before you, your monthly benefit will automatically jump up to the maximum benefit amount.


    KPERS 1 Retirement Options

    KPERS 2 Retirement Options

    KPERS 3 Retirement Options


    Basic Life Insurance-You have basic group life insurance equal to 150% of your annual salary. The cost of this benefit is paid by Olathe. You can name different beneficiaries for your life insurance and retirement benefits.  A beneficiary is the person who will receive your life insurance money should you pass away.


    Long Term Disability Benefits-Disability benefits are based on 60% of your annual salary in the event you become disabled while employed. Olathe pays this premium for you.  To be eligible you must be disabled 180 days and no longer receive employer compensation. You will continue to earn service credit and have basic life insurance coverage during this time.


    Death Benefits-KPERS returns your contributions and interest in the event of your death to your beneficiary(s).  If you name your spouse as your sole primary beneficiary, they will be eligible for the surviving spouse benefit options.  This benefit allows your spouse to select between two options:


    1. If you are eligible to retire on the day you pass away, your spouse begins receiving a monthly benefit immediately for the rest of their life.
    2. If you are not eligible to retire on the day you pass away, but had 10 years of services your spouse begins receiving a monthly benefit for the rest of their life when you would have reached age 55.


    If you name more than one primary beneficiary for the retirement benefits, the surviving spouse option does not apply.  If you choose more than one beneficiary, each will share yur contribtution and interest equally.  You can elect different benefciaries for the life insurance and retiriement benefits.


    You will need to get online account access to establish beneficiaries.  You can log into your KPERS account to change your beneficiaries at any time you woud like.  Remember to update your beneficiares if a life event occurs such as a marriage, childbirth, or divorce.  If you are considering naming a child under the age of 18, please read the KPERS criteria for naming a minor child as beneficiary.