Community Open House

  • The Academies located at Olathe West will hold a community open house from 6-8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 1.

    Parking Information:

    Those interested in Green Tech — Please park in Lot A and enter through the Olathe West main entrance.

    Those interested in Public Safety — Please park in Lot C (north side of school) and look for the fire truck.

Things to See and Do at Our Open House

    • Current students leading tours of the Green Tech facilities (chickens included!)
    • Demonstrations of our equipment! Turbines, solar panels, hydroponic systems and more.
    • Meet industry professionals in the field of Energy and Sustainability! Learn about the jobs and salaries available in field.
    • Q & A with current academy students and academy staff (Facilitator Andrew Miller and Assistant Facilitator Matthew Milholm).
    • Check out our solar array and rooftop garden.

Other Information

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Green Tech Virtual Open House Video

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