Welcome to Green Tech Academy - Est. 2017

  • The Green Tech Academy is located at Olathe West High School.

    Addressing the environmental and sustainability challenges of the 21st Century.

    Who We Are

    Green Tech Academy logo The Green Tech Academy is one of the only programs in the nation where students can study renewable energy and sustainability indepth at the high school level. Our students are everything from the next generation of wind turbine technicians to environmental engineers and sustainable farmers. Students in this four-year program:

    • Discover how the use of energy by society affects every part of our lives
    • Engage our community about the environment
    • Pursue technological innovations that combat climate change

    What We Do

    • Travel to wind farms, solar arrays, and hydroelectric power plants to learn about energy
    • Learn about renewable energy with hands-on training equipment
    • Use one of the most sustainable high school buildings in the nation to learn about environmental design
    • Build our own wind turbines and electric vehicles for STEM competitions
    • Grow our own food
    • Manage energy usage at Olathe West and track our key sustainability metrics
    • For more information, please visit our Green Tech website
    • Contact Information: email the Green Tech Academy or call 913-780-7180.

Learn About CTE and Green Tech Academy

  • Ten of our 15 Academies have a Career and Technical Education (CTE) pathway embedded in them. This means the courses they already take in the Academy also follow a CTE pathway. When a student earns an Academy Endorsement by completing all the requirements, they may also earn a "CTE Completer" status. Both the Academy Endorsement and the CTE Completer status will be printed on the student's transcript. These are great tools on the resume to show a student's accomplishments. Additionally, CTE Completers are eligible for CTE Scholars recognition.

    The CTE Energy pathway and the Comprehensive Agriculture Pathway are embedded into the Green Tech Academy. Students will complete one of these pathways depending on the strand they choose to follow in the academy.

    Learn about the Energy pathway

    Learn about the Comprehensive Agriculture pathway