Culinary Arts Plan of Study

  • Students may earn an endorsement on their transcript for completing all academy requirements, including successful completion of coursework, outside of the classroom learning opportunities, field experiences, and service learning projects. Specific requirements will be shared the the academy staff.


    • Freshman year requirement: Pre-AP English (1.0) OR English 1 (1.0)
    • Sophomore year requirement: Pre-AP English II (1.0) OR English II (1.0)
    • Junior year requirement: AP Language and Composition (1.0) OR English III (1.0)
    • Senior year requirement: AP Literature and Composition (1.0) OR College Prep English IV (1.0)

    Social Studies

    • Freshman year requirement: Pre-AP Modern World History (1.0) OR Modern World History (1.0)
    • Sophomore year requirement: Social Studies (.5) elective
    • Junior year requirement: AP U.S. History (1.0) OR U.S. History (1.0)
    • Senior year requirement: AP U.S. Government (.5) OR U.S. Government (.5)


    • Freshman year requirement: Geometry (1.0) OR Algebra I (1.0) OR higher
    • Sophomore year requirement: Advanced Algebra 2 (1.0) OR Algebra 2 (1.0) OR Geometry (1.0) OR higher
    • Junior year requirement: Pre-Calculus (1.0) OR College Algebra (1.0) OR Advanced Algebra 2 (1.0) OR Algebra 2 (1.0) OR higher
    • Senior year requirement: AP Statistics (1.0) OR Pre-Calculus (1.0) OR College Algebra (1.0) OR higher


    • Freshman year requirement: Honors Biology (1.0) OR Biology (1.0)
    • Sophomore year requirement: Physical Science (1.0) OR higher
    • Junior year requirement: General Chemistry (1.0) OR AP Chemistry (1.0) OR higher
    • Senior year requirement: Physics (1.0) OR higher

    OATC Coursework

    • Freshman year: Baking and Food Science (.5)
    • Sophomore year: Culinary Prep I (.5) AND Culinary Prep II (.5)
    • Junior year at OATC: Culinary Arts (3.0) morning or afternoon
    • Senior year at OATC: Culinary Arts (3.0) morning or afternoon

    Practical and Consumer Science Requirement (1.0)

    • Consumer and Personal Finance (.5) sometime during high school

    Technology Requirement (1.0)

    • Students fulfill 1.0 technology credits

    Fine Arts

    • Student choice (1.0) sometime during high school

    Applied Communication / International Language Requirement (1.0)

    • College-bound students should enroll in two years of the same language

    Physical Education / Health

    • Freshman year: P.E. Concepts / Health Education (1.0)


Culinary Arts I and II

  • Culinary Arts I

    Philosophy: To introduce students to the needed skills to be successful in all sectors of the hospitality industry through rigor, relevancy and relationship building. 

    Course Description: This structured Culinary Arts Program develops high-level skills and competencies demanded in the food service industry. You will have a monthly opportunity to work in the culinary restaurant. This is a sequential program (Culinary Arts I, Culinary Arts II) that prepares you for occupations and higher education programs of study related to culinary arts and the hospitality industry.

    Course Objectives:

    • Complete a food safety and sanitation program and pass ServSafe exam
    • Develop menu composition skills
    • Operate tools and equipment following safety procedures and OSHA requirements
    • Demonstrate skills in knife and hand tools
    • Determine and demonstrate appropriate cooking methods for a variety of foods
    • Apply scaling and measuring techniques
    • Prepare various baked goods and desserts
    • Utilize herbs and spices, marinades, oils and vinegars in a variety of preparation methods
    • Prepare food for presentation and evaluation
    • Demonstrate the process of food costing
    • Identify appropriate plating techniques based on effective portion control
    • Identify types of service methods
    • Practice back and front of the house management roles in the industry
    • Investigate areas of legal liabilities within the industry

    Culinary Arts II

    Philosophy: To build a management foundation based off of all the principals gained from year one in the Culinary Program and cultures that will be applied year two of the Culinary program. This will be done through rigor, relevancy, and relationships.

    Course Description: This in-house training program is for the student who has an interest in the culinary industry. Areas of interest include teamwork, the decision making process, personal career skills, goal setting, leadership, business etiquette, conflict resolution, professional dress, communication, workplace ethics, career education, resume writing, finding and applying for a job, and interview preparation. You will have a monthly opportunity to manage the culinary restaurant. Upon completion of this course you will be prepared for supervisory positions in the hospitality industry.

    Course Objectives:

    • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of food safety by reviewing the principles of the ServSafe program and exploring these principles in detail
    • Show a greater understanding of a safe work environment
    • Further develop kitchen equipment skills
    • Comprehend and interpret advanced cooking principles — physical and chemical reactions, cooking methods, flavor profiles
    • Build a restaurant concept using and applying management techniques and cultures from year one and two in the program