Welcome to Health Careers

  • The Health Careers program prepares students for a variety of career opportunities by combining classroom and clinical instruction for basic care of patients in long-term care facilities.

    Students will learn about medical terminology, ethical and legal responsibilities, current health care systems and trends, projected careers in health care, review of the body systems, and infection control. This focus may also be taken as an independent course of study to prepare for the Kansas Certified Nurse Assistant test.

    • Initiate identification of your personal learning styles as presented in the VARK assessment and have the opportunity to improve study habits best suited for you
    • Examine Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and be able to apply it to multiple situations as well as revisit these concepts and their applications throughout the coursework
    • Learn about the health care facilities that are outside the general hospital settings, including basic care of patients in health care clinical sections such as in-home care and hospice
    • Define the qualities of a health care worker such as possessing integrity, working well with others, being dependable, being willing to learn, and to be cost conscious

    Who is Eligible to Enroll?

    This program is hosted at Olathe North High School and available to students in their junior or senior year.

    Students attend their boundary high school for half a day and Olathe North for the remainder of the day to work within the Health Careers program.

    Thinking of Entering the Program?

    The Exploring Health Career class is offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Exploring Health Careers or Anatomy and Physiology are required for admittance into the Certified Nursing Assistant Program of the EMS (first responder) program. It's a one-semester class.

    The class involves current trends in health care systems,

    The Health Careers program is offered as a two-hour, one-semester block consisting of both CNA and Medical Terminology taken concurrently. Content meets the requirements for the Kansas CNA certification exam, consists of college-level material and is delivered through direct instruction and online instruction.

    Students learn to successfully demonstrate CNA skills, including patient care in daily hygiene, bedside care, vital signs, and healthcare provider CPR training in the lab prior to attending clinicals.

    Successful completion of Certified Nursing Assistant class work and clinicals is required to qualify to take the Kansas CNA exam.

    Guided Enrollment Note: Associated with this class are eight clinical labs requiring the students either to report early or stay beyond regular school hours. Students must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in Anatomy and Physiology. Any Olathe high school student may enroll for this semester course located at Olathe North High School.