• The Endorsement Requirements show what courses are necessary for a student to complete in order to earn an endorsement at one of the three levels.
    • The Individual Plan of Study (IPS) is an example of what an academy student's 4-year schedule would look like in that academy.  
    • When enrolling year to year, teachers, students, and parents will refer back to these documents for updating a students' 4-year IPS
    • Please review the eAcaemy Options for 21st Century Academy Students and the guidelines posted there.
      • Students may utilize online courses to free up an hour of their in-person day for courses they wish to take.
      • This is not required.
      • 9th grade students must wait until second semester or the summer after 9th grade to enroll in an online eAcademy course.
      • Please view this eAcademy video for an explanation about 21st Century Academy students and eAcademy Online courses.
    • An IPS template that is blank is available for you to print and use for planning.

Distinguished Scholars Documents

e-Communication Documents

Medical Professions Documents