Community Open House

  • The Engineering Academy located at Olathe Northwest will hold a virtual open house from 6-8 p.m on Wednesday, Nov. 16th.

Things you’ll see and do at our 2022 Open House

    • Greeted by Engineering Academy Freshmen. Ask them questions about their experiences so far in Engineering and their transfer to High School. 
    • Take a Student led tour of Engineering Academy workspaces including each grade level classroom, wood shop, and metal shop. On the tour you will be guided around my Engineering Academy Seniors, Juniors, and Sophomores as they talk about projects they have worked on and answer your questions. The tour will have multiple stops to see a video from each of our 7 instructors talking about the classes they teach.
    • See our 3D printer and items that students have designed and printed
    • See our Metal Shop and hear from students on how using the CNC Router, Mill, Lathe, and other tools have helped bring their designs to life.
    • In the Commons, each of our five capstones will have their projects on display including, FIRST Robotics Competition robot, electric car, combat robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge robot, wheelchair costumes, and more.
    • Watch robotics matches of the junior engineering students competing with their FTC robots. Also walk through the pits and ask students about their design choices of their robots and how they decided to solve the problem. 
    • Talk with Freshmen and sophomores about the projects they worked on during the Freshmen School year including earthquake resistant buildings, pinhole cameras, and arduino programing.
    • See examples of projects from unique elective classes such as Material Science and CAD III.
    • Meet with the Engineering Academy instructors and get any questions you have answered.

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Engineering Overview

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