Report an Absence

  • Attendance Line: 913-780-7111
    Español: 913-780-7208
    Email the attendance desk

    Please note if your student needs to leave school due to illness, contact the Nurse’s Office at 913-780-7152.

    Select the option that applies to the attendance information you wish to communicate:

    • PRESS 1: To report an all-day absence
    • PRESS 2: If your student will be late and you need to excuse their tardy
    • PRESS 3: If your student needs a pass to leave during the school day
      **Please allow at least 1 Hour notice for all passes to be delivered**
    • PRESS 4: All other attendance information 

    Please include the following in your message:

    • Spell your student’s first and last name
    • Grade
    • Your name and relationship to student
    • Phone number where you can be reached
    • Reason for their absence  

    Parents, if your student is absent for less than one week, please request make-up work by calling or emailing the teachers. For extended absences for longer than one week, please notify your child’s counselor so she can work with the teacher to develop a reasonable plan for work completion. Homework assignments can be picked up at the receptionist’s desk in the front office.

    School Attendance is Vital to Student Success

    How do I report my student absent?

    If a student is absent from school, a parent or legal guardian must contact the school attendance office (913-780-7111). Phone calls should be received prior to or on the day of the absence by 9:00 a.m. Students and their parents will be expected to keep the attendance office up to date on the student’s absences. Absences should be reported by the student’s parent, guardian, or other appropriate individual within 24 hours.

    How does my student check out during the day?

    Olathe District Schools have a closed campus policy that includes lunchtime. Students are not allowed in the parking lot or outside the building between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. without permission from the office. Whenever possible, appointments should be scheduled outside the school day. However, when it is necessary for a student to leave campus during the school day, parents should call the Attendance Office. Students must come to the Attendance Office to sign-out and receive a “permit to leave” pass. Students returning to school must sign-in and may be asked to provide verification to the Attendance Office.

    What is an "excused" absence?

    The state of Kansas delegates to the Board of Education the responsibility of determining reasons for excusable absences. As Board of Education designees, building administrators will determine if an absence is excused or unexcused. According to the Board of Education policy, the following are recognized as excusable reasons for absences:

    • Personal illness (A physician’s note may be required for chronic or excessive absenteeism.)
    • Serious illness or death of a member of the family or close friend
    • Obligatory religious observances of the student’s own faith
    • Participation in a school-approved student activity
    • Verified physician or dentist appointments
    • Court appearance
    • Emergency situations requiring immediate action
    • An absence which has been requested in writing and approved in advance by the building administration.

    How do "excessive" absences affect credit in courses?

    An accrual of 16 absences per semester, whether excused, unexcused, or a combination of the two, may result in a student being ineligible to receive credit in the class with the excessive absences.