About Electrathon

  • cartoonish logo for electric car The ONW Electrathon team is a capstone class for juniors and seniors in the Aerospace and Engineering Academy at Olathe Northwest.

    Electrathon America is a nationally recognized competition, and Electric Marathon is where teams strive to build the most efficient electric-powered vehicle. The winner is determined by how many laps each vehicle can complete over one hour with a specific amount of batteries.

    Objectives of Electrathon America Competition:

    • To drive electrically powered vehicles as far as possible for one hour on a closed loop course using limited electrical energy.
    • To provide a forum where skill and ingenuity may be displayed, compared and tested.
    • To improve public awareness and understanding of efficient alternative electric vehicles.
    • To create an affordable sport defined by established rules in which groups and Individuals can participate competitively and safely.

    Visit the Kansas Electrorally website or the national Electrathon America website for more information!

    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to learn from and improve upon previous years’ ideas in order to produce our own efficient vehicle. We will foster a productive team environment and will improve ourselves and the community through outreach.

    Vision Statement

    Olathe Northwest Electrathon will work as a cohesive team in order to advance each other’s skills, and will strive to improve the program for future classes through close documentation and technical innovation.