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    • All yearbook and senior ad sales are closed for the '20-'21 school year.

    • Sales for '21-'22 senior ads and books will begin July 1. 

    • Now accepting STAFF APPLICATIONS for '21-'22 school year
      Directions to apply are located in the tabs on the left

    • A limited number of 2019-2020 yearbooks remain and may be purchased through TouchBase


    I forgot if I ordered a senior ad or yearbook, what should I do?

    Login to TouchBase via the purchasing links on the left and check your prior purchases to view your receipts. If you don't have a receipt for a purchase in TouchBase, then you did not make the purchase.  All sales are conducted through this web portal.

    How do I submit senior ad content?

    Please refer to the links on the left to find detailed instructions.

    I didn't receive a confirmation when I submitted my senior ad content, did it go through?

    eShare does not return a confirmation; however, you can assume your images went through.  Our designers will contact you personally if they are missing content or have questions about your ad.

    Can I submit silly pictures for senior ads?

    Please keep in mind that senior ads share space with other students on a yearbook spread.  Low-quality images, or images that lack a loving or professional appearance, can degrade the experience of other students who share space on the page. If you are in doubt over which pictures to submit, one of our designers would be happy to make suggestions.  Our advice is to ensure the main picture of the ad is professional in appearance; candid or silly images work better as inset, or satellite, shots.

    How do I join yearbook?

    We are now accepting applications for '21-'22 staff.  Please see the link on the left for more information about joining our team.  Second-semester 8th graders are encouraged to apply!  Joining the yearbook team can be a great way to make friends at a new school.

    Yearbook Pick Up

    Yearbook pickup is coordinated on an individual basis. Please contact the front office (913-780-7150) to arrange the pickup of PRE-ORDERED yearbooks. For NEW purchases after September 1, 2020, please email the business manager,, to schedule a date to pick up your book. Due to COVID-19 concerns, books will be placed in the cubbies in the vestibule of the main office for contactless pickup. Guests must wear a face mask when entering the main office doors to collect their books.