Raven Parent Organization

  • logo for Raven Parent Organization The Raven Parent Organization (RPO) is a volunteer organization funded solely by donations. The RPO supports and promotes ONW, its students and faculty, and works towards effective communication between school and home to enhance the quality of education for all students.

    Some of the programs and activities your donations support include:

    • Raven Haven is an ONW student needs center (toiletries, clothing, etc.)
    • School Nurse Emergency Fund
    • School assemblies promoting wellness and a healthy school environment
    • Staff/teacher appreciation breakfast and teacher conference meals

    In today’s educational climate, the RPO is needed more than ever to help support the students and faculty at ONW. The RPO raises funds only through donations. We ask that each family donate $50.00, but would appreciate any contribution your family would like to make.

    Ways you can donate:

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    • Cash or check donation (made out to ONW RPO) – Please deliver or send payments to Olathe Northwest High School, 21300 College Blvd., Olathe, KS 66061. Please indicate on your envelope that it is for the ONW RPO.
    • Submit a donation via the DONATE button located at the top of this section.

    For Questions or to Volunteer for RPO:

    • For questions or to volunteer for RPO, email us.
    • To request information regarding financial statements and/or meeting minutes from monthly meetings, please email RPO at the email address listed above.

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