A Healthier You

  • Discover Your Path To A Healthier You.

    If you are a member of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City health insurance through the Olathe Public Schools, you have access to a Healthier You.  A Healthier You (AYH) is Blue KC's suite of health and wellness services, and is a personalized member portal which can be accessed online or via mobile app. The portal features:

    • Blue Cross and Blue Shield logo Health Risk Assessment.
    • Health Library for a vareity of eduational topics. 
    • Connect a device to track your steps, sleep, nutrition and more.
    • Preventive care reminders.
    • Earn points to enter sweepstakes.

    Through thier Health Risk Assessment you can identify risk factors that might affect your wellbeing. To access your Healthier You Portal, go to MyBlueKC.com and click on A Healthier You.

    Blue Cross/Blue shield is there to give you the support you need to live well.


    Health Educational Resources

    Access comprehensive tools and videos designed to improve your overall health (PDF). Create action steps and decision points to help you manage your health.

    Tobacco Health Coaching