Endorsement Requirements and Sample Plan of Study

  • The endorsement requirements provided in the document list below gives the requirements for achieving an endorsement at one of three levels:

    • Endorse
    • Endorse with Honors
    • Endorse with High Honors. 

    Students will set goals with their academy facilitator and their IPS will reflect their plan. Students can design their IPS and endorsement goals based on their individual needs. Students can move from one level to another as they need to. The student's plan is re-visted each year to make sure the student is on track and their plan still reflects their interest.

    The Four-Year Individual Plan of Study (IPS) provided in the document list below is a SAMPLE. Each student's IPS is individualized to the student's needs and interests. The academy facilitator will work with the student along with their school counselor.  

    View OPS blank Individual Plan of Study on page 14 of the Program Planning Guide.