Welcome to Geoscience Academy - Est. 2003

  • The Geoscience Academy is located at Olathe North High School.

    Earth, Ocean, Space and the Environment.

    Who We Are

    Geoscience Academy logo Students in the Geoscience Academy have a desire to study the earth and its processes. They engage in exploration of the world of Geoscience by engaging in authentic learning experiences, working with industry standard research equipment and scientific tools. A sense of community is developed through their collaborative experiences with other like-minded individuals. The study of Geoscience addresses critical issues such as water and mineral resources; stewardship of the environment, along with studies in meteorology, oceanography, marine biology, paleontology, and more.

    What We Do

    • Study the ocean and its life through 3,000+ gallons of salt water aquaria.
    • Work with industry and university professionals through unique partnerships and internship opportunities.
    • Explore the natural world to identify environmental problems — both natural and human-made.
    • Participate in independent project design based on a student’s area of interest.
    • Field experiences to the ocean and mountains to allow students to apply their knowledge in a real world setting.
    • Use advanced lab equipment, including Geographical Information Systems (GIS), a paleontology lab, and Weatherbug weather center.
    • Contact information: email the Geoscience Academy or call 913-780-7140