Rilee Irby Wins Building Changemakers Microgrant

  • Riley IrbyRilee Irby, Senior, Olathe North High School and OATC student, was one of three student microgrant winners featured in the AutoDesk Construction Cloud newsletter. Read about Rilee below or read the article in the Construction Cloud newsletter.

    What are some problems that the building industry is facing right now? 

    The lack of non-traditional employees. For example, the lack of diversity when it comes to females in this industry. When you think of construction, most of the time you think of an industry dominated by males. Why though? Females are just as capable of completing a job to the same standards, if not better than most men. 

    How can you help build a better future through your work in the trades? 

    I will show great leadership through my passion to continue to perfect my skills. 

    What do you need right now to get started? Or, how will you use the microgrant funds? 

    Right now, as a high school senior, I am using the funds to purchase equipment to further my construction abilities.