Tool List for 2023-2024

  • The tool list for Construction Trades 2023-2024 is given below.  Should you have any questions, please contact the OATC office.

    There are rental sets for students who need them. Please notify the instructor if a tool set is needed. These tools must stay at school. Students are provided one pair of safety glasses. Students will be given a locker to store personal tools. Students will be provided five uniform shirts to be worn every day. Students are expected to show up in work attire every day. Students will not need to bring personal power tools. First-year students will get their OSHA 10 Certification. All students will earn the HBI Pre-Apprentice Certification; second-year students may have the option for HBI specific certification.


    • Big house mock up
    • Unit specific mock ups
    • Playhouse for Home builders association

    Internships and Job Shadows

    For second-year students only, a spring semester internship is approximately January through May.

    Students are encouraged to reach out to the many industries who come work with our class. 

Student Tool List

Quantity in Kit Tool Replacement Cost
1 Carpenter's tool apron/tool belt with at least two large nail pockets, utility knife pocket, pencil pocket and hammer holder $40
1 20-23 ounce waffle face framing hammer $22
1 16 ounce smooth face trim hammer $18
1 25-35-foot tape measure $14
1 7-inch speed square, metal or plastic $7
1 10-inch nail puller/molding puller or 9-inch nail puller $17
1 100-foot chalk line $10
1 Utility knife with retractable blade and replacement blades $6
1 3/32-inch nail set $3
1 12-inch pry bar - optional $10
1 pair of jersey or work gloves - not included $3
1 Diagonal cutters $30
1 Lineman pliers $33
1 Wire strippers $17
1 Phillips and flathead screwdrivers or combination screwdriver $15
1 Needle-nose pliers $21
1 Pack of Phillips driver bits $5
1 Pack of star driver bits $5
1 Tool bag $22
Approximate Kit Cost $295