SRSS-EC (Student Risk Screening Scale for Early Childhood)

  • The Student Risk Screening Scale (SRSS-EC) is a screening tool designed to be one of many data points that alert staff to potential emotional or behavioral risk for students in early childhood settings. The SRSS-EC is a teacher rating scale: it is not a survey or questionnaire that students complete. Instead, teachers respond to 11 prompts about each student they support. Teachers will complete the SRSS-EC between January 13 and February 3, 2023.

    The information from the SRS-EC will be used to identify needs that may present barriers to learning, and is helpful in informing instruction and intervention within each early childhood classroom or school. The SRSS-EC was developed by researchers at the University of Kansas; more information may be found at their website.

    Using a “Never, Occasionally, Sometimes, Frequently” scale, teachers respond to each of these prompts:

    1. Tantrums
    2. Active, Restless
    3. Rejected by Peers
    4. Ignores Teacher and Class Rules
    5. Negative Attitude
    6. Aggressive Behavior
    7. Lies
    8. Shy, Timid
    9. Sad, Tearful
    10. Worried, Fearful
    11. Physical Complaints (e.g., stomach hurts)

    The SRSS-EC may only be administered to students for whom parents have signed consent. You may consent to having your child participate by clicking here. If you do not wish to have your student participate, you may simply not sign consent. Your student will not suffer any adverse consequences based on such refusal.