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Level Up Your Learning

  • Graphic of soccer ball, apple, calculator, scissors.

    Introduction to Level Up Your Learning

    Level Up Your Learning allows you to choose how you would like to learn. 

    Read the directions below to get started and then jump in and have fun.


    1. Begin by watching the Getting Started video below.
    2. Click here to download and print the BINGO card. You can complete as many BINGO cards as you wish.
    3. Explore the Choose Your Adventure button to complete activities in reading, math, science, library, social studies, art, music, or physical education.
    4. Color in the space on your BINGO card once you have completed the game, lesson, or activity for the topic you choose.
    5. Looking for more ways to engage with the content of this website? Visit the BINGO Games button to find ways you can play.


    Video ideas, editing, and creation thanks to collaboration with Kellan Harris, Olathe Public Schools student.