Level Up Your Learning

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    Level Up Your Learning allows each student to choose how they would like to learn. By clicking the Choose Your Own Adventure button below, students can complete engaging review and enrichment activities in reading, math, science, library, social studies, art, music, and physical education.

    We recommend that adults develop expectations for the optimum number of hours per day or week that their students might engage in activities to maximize learning, while managing healthy amounts of screen time. Helpful information for adults can be found by clicking the Ways To Support Your Student button below.

  • Students - Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Adults - Ways To Support Your Student
  • The Olathe Public Schools has developed this website to provide family learning activities which can support student learning throughout the summer as well as the school year. The website includes over 700+ resources, lessons, videos, PDFs, and activity ideas. Many of the resources are found on the World Wide Web. Please be aware that most links leave this Olathe Public Schools website. YouTube videos will be configured to open full screen with no ads or additional suggested videos. However it is not possible to remove the "Watch on YouTube" link on each video, so parental supervision of younger students is strongly encouraged. Olathe Public Schools does not endorse third-party websites, or ads that may be present on websites or videos.