Community Educational Programs

  • Olathe Public Schools is excited to announce “Community Educational Programs: A Family Speaker and Support Series.” These events aim to educate and support the parents and families of our students and linking them to appropriate community resources. A committee of professionals was formed to examine the needs of the student body and their families relating to mental health and wellness. Each event will feature a professional speaker who will share information about the topics listed below.

    The dates, topics, and presenters for the 2021-2022 school year events are:


    January 25th

    Build a Bridge: Tips and Tricks to Connect Your Family to Your Child's School

    -focussing on how to communicate and be heard by your child’s teacher-

     Janet Milford and Andrea Eby

    Olathe District Instructional Coaches




    January 25th Presentation English Flyer


    January 25th Presentation Spanish Flyer




    March 31st

    Mental Health and Your Child

    Theresa Heller and Laura Moore 


    These events will start at 6:00 p.m. and will be held at the Education Center in the Board of Education Room.  




    2021-2022  Past Events


    How to get your Child Involved in School and how to Build a Support System Within the School

    Olathe Assistant Superintendents Clint Albers, Dr. Sarah Guerrero, Tim Reves, and

    Elementary Executive Director Dr. Jill Smith and District Athletic Director Matt Johnson


    September 30th Presentation English Flyer

    September 30th Presentation Spanish Flyer





Presentations by Other Agencies

  • December 6th Shatterproof: Together we are stronger than addiction

  • KVC's 13-Part Parenting Tips Series

Presentations By Olathe Public Schools

  • What Teens Want You to Know about Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

  • Tired of Yelling? Practical Strategies for Changing the Behavior Dynamic at Home

  • How to Address Topics of Race and Culture with Your Child

  • Supporting LGBTQ Students within Our Community

  • Vaping: Information for Parents

  • Core Concepts for Parenting a Child Struggling with Anxiety

  • Issues in Mental Health: Focus on ADHD

  • Issues in Mental Health: Managing Emotions

  • Issues in Mental Health: Self-Care, Coping, Stress Reduction, and a Healthy Life Balance

  • Issues in Mental Health: Anxiety: Symptoms, the Impact, and Management Strategies

  • Issues in Mental Health: Depression Warning Signs and Treatment Options

  • Issues in Mental Health: Navigating the Mental Health System