Community Educational Programs

  • Olathe Public Schools is excited to announce “Community Educational Programs: A Family Speaker and Support Series.” These events aim to educate and support the parents and families of our students and linking them to appropriate community resources. A committee of professionals was formed to examine the needs of the student body and their families relating to mental health and wellness. Each event will feature a professional speaker who will share information about the topics listed below.

2021-2022 Presentations

Presentations by Other Agencies

  • June 1- August 24 Parent Project Junior presented by Johnson County Mental Health

  • Strengthening Families Program-Johnson County Mental Health

  • Prepped and Ready Expert Edition by Children's Mercy

  • KVC's 13-Part Parenting Tips Series

Archived Presentations By Olathe Public Schools

  • What Teens Want You to Know about Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

  • Tired of Yelling? Practical Strategies for Changing the Behavior Dynamic at Home

  • How to Address Topics of Race and Culture with Your Child

  • Supporting LGBTQ Students within Our Community

  • Vaping: Information for Parents

  • Core Concepts for Parenting a Child Struggling with Anxiety

  • Issues in Mental Health: Focus on ADHD

  • Issues in Mental Health: Managing Emotions

  • Issues in Mental Health: Self-Care, Coping, Stress Reduction, and a Healthy Life Balance

  • Issues in Mental Health: Anxiety: Symptoms, the Impact, and Management Strategies

  • Issues in Mental Health: Depression Warning Signs and Treatment Options

  • Issues in Mental Health: Navigating the Mental Health System