• MySaebrs/Saebrs is a screening tool that helps school staff pinpoint if a student is at risk socially, academically, and emotionally. This tool is administered only to students who have written consent from their parent or guardian. To learn more about MySaebrs/Saebrs, visit  Over 70% of schools in Kansas use Saebrs/MySaebrs to identify needs that may present barriers to learning. Results from this survey are one piece of data to help educators identify and provide instruction and interventions within their classrooms.  No personally identifiable data of students will be collected through the administration of the survey. 

    The survey takes about 5 minutes and is done on the student’s individual device.  Before the survey is administered, the student will be informed that the student has the right to refuse to take the survey and that the student will not suffer any adverse consequences based on such refusal.  The questions your students are asked are:  

    1. I argue with others.  
    2. I get along with my peers. 
    3. I lose my temper. 
    4. I disrupt class. 
    5. I am respectful. 
    6. Other people like me. 
    7. I have trouble waiting my turn. 
    8. I like school. 
    9. I am ready for class. 
    10. I get good grades. 
    11. I have trouble working alone. 
    12. It’s hard to pay attention in class. 
    13. I participate in class. 
    14. I feel sad. 
    15. I feel nervous. 
    16. I like to try new things. 
    17. I am happy. 
    18. I am worried. 
    19. When something bad happens, it takes me awhile to feel better. 
    20. I like being alone.  

    All answer choices are Never, Sometimes, Often, and Almost Always 

    For questions, please reach out to your student’s school.