OATC Transportation

  • Student Transportation  

    Students attending OATC during the AM classes are given the option to ride the bus.  Students aren't limited to the district cutoff list for the home high school.  The distance will be evaluated by the distance lived from OATC.  If you wish for your student to ride the bus to OATC, please follow the link below to learn about transportation and register your student for the bus.  Please designate that your student is an OATC student and which OATC building is the final destination. (OATC, Olathe North or WDLC satellite campus)

    All students attending AM classes at OATC may ride the bus back to their home high school.  

    If a student is riding the bus, please be sure you download the app, "Stopfinder".  The "Stopfinder" app will let parents know what time the bus will be arriving and the buses' present location.  It will also advise if there are delays.  For more information about Stopfinder, click the link below.


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