Earning a Letter in Choir

  • In order to begin the process of collecting points to earn a letter for choir, students must meet the following criteria.

    1. Student must earn an “A” in choir classes all year.
    2. Student must attend all required performances that year.
    3. Student must have had no discipline referrals for choir.

    When those three things have been accomplished, a student may begin earning a letter in choir by accumulating 600 total points. The first year, a student will earn a certificate, the actual letter, and a music lyre pin. The second, third and fourth year, they will receive an additional certificate and another pin to put on their letter.

    Each year, the student must earn 600 new points in order to earn their letter in choir for that school year. Activities occurring between June 2021 and the end of May 2022 will be eligible for letter points this school year.

    The list below shows some of the approved ways of earning points and the point values given for each activity. There are many other ways students may present to earn points. Mrs. Williamson will work with students on their ideas. The important thing is to have a variety of activities to arrive at the 600 total points. It is important that students show they have done many different things in this process that would merit earning a letter.

    It is recommended that students keep track of things as they go, so they are ready to submit paperwork to Mrs. Williamson by April 22, 2022.

    Colleges and universities appreciate and often reward students who show achievements earned throughout their high school career. Lettering in choir gives students one more opportunity to show they are a well-rounded student who has worked hard.