ONW Choir Calendar 2022-23

  • Semester 1

    NOTE: For the ONW Home Football games - all choir students are invited and encouraged to sing the National Anthem and Alma Mater at the pre-game. Arrive at 6:30 PM at CBAC. Wear a choir t-shirt or hoodie. Letter points are awarded. No charge for games when wearing a choir shirt. There are 4 home games, not including sub-state.

    Friday, September 2: ONW Home Football Game - 6:30 PM arrival at CBAC

    Wed./Thur. September 7 & 8: Auditions for the school musical, Urinetown.

    Friday, September 9: Callbacks for Urinetown.

    Tuesday, September 13: ONW Tenor Bass Day - 12:25-2:45 PM.

    Friday, September 16: ONW Treble Day - 12:45-2:45 PM.

    Friday, September 23: ONW Home Football Game - 6:30 PM arrival at CBAC (Middle School Night). Tailgate before the game with ONW, PRT, and ST choirs. Hot dogs, chips, and water are provided in the CBAC parking lot!

    Sunday, September 25: Olathe District Masterworks Concert - 3:00 PM at ONW.

    Thursday, October 6: ONW Home Football Game - 6:30 PM CBAC (HOMECOMING).

    Monday, October 10: ONW Fall Choral Concert - 7:00 PM in the ONW Auditorium (All Choirs).

    Friday, October 21: ONW Home Football Game - 6:30 PM arrival at CBAC.

    Saturday, November 5: ECKMEA District at Gardner Edgerton HS.

    Wed.-Sat., November 9-12: ONW Musical Urinetown performances - 7:00 PM in the Auditorium (All choirs).

    Saturday, December 3: ECKMEA District Festival- SMNW

    Tuesday, December 6: ONW Winter Choral Concert - 7:00 PM the Auditorium (All choirs).  

    Saturday, December 10: KC Chorale Family Christmas Concert - 1:00 PM at St. Michael the Archangel Church - Da Capo Singers - Call time is 11:30 AM

    Semester 2

    Thursday, January 19: Prairie Trail & Summit Trail MS Elementary Festivals - 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Da Capo Singers).

    Thursday, January 19: Summit Trail (6:00 pm) and Prairie Trail (7:00 pm) Feeder Area Choral Showcase Concerts at ONW (Da Capo Singers).

    Saturday, February 18: Harmony Explosion at Grace United Methodist Church (Barbershop Quartet Contest).

    Thur.-Sat. February 23-25: KMEA State Choir Convention in Wichita.

    Thursday, March 2: Freshman Vocal Solo Festival - 4:00-8:00 PM at Olathe West Choir/Orchestra Rooms.

    Monday, March 6: ONW Spring Choral Concert - 7:00 PM (All choirs).

    Monday, March 27: Olathe District Choral Festival - 8:30-11:30 AM at Olathe South (Choirs TBD).

    Saturday, April 15: Regional Solo and Ensemble Festival - Time TBD at Olathe South HS. Please reserve the day until we know our specific performance times. Choirs that are smaller ensembles and select soloists will be performing at this event.

    Thursday, April 20: State Large Group Contest - Schedule TBD (All choirs will participate). We will take buses.

    Saturday, April 29: State Solo and Ensemble Festival - Schedule TBD at Washburn Rural HS.

    Thursday, May 11: Raven Pops Dress Rehearsal and Choir Banquet - 3:15-9:00 PM (Rehearsal from 3:15-6:45 PM is required for all sstudents in choir).

    Saturday, May 13: Raven Pops Concert - 7:00 PM in the ONW Auditorium (All choirs).

    Sunday, May 21: Commencement - Da Capo Singers (Call time 6:00 PM) - 7:00 PM at CBAC

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