• Spring 2021 Women’s Giving Circle Supports
    Innovative Program at OATC

    Last night caring Olathe women gathered virtually to support an innovative idea to enhance learning in Olathe classrooms with a $15,000 Olathe Public Schools Foundation Women’s Giving Circle grant. Great things really do happen when caring women gather!


    Members heard presentations from three Olathe educators with an innovative idea benefit Olathe students. After hearing the presentations, the women asked thoughtful questions, discussed the grants in small groups and then voted for the proposal they thought would have the greatest impact on students.


    Members of the Women’s Giving Circle voted to award the $15,000 grant to educators at the Olathe Advanced Technical Center. The grant will be used to purchase the Anatomy in Clay learning system for use with students in the Healthcare Science and Emergency Medical Specialties programs.

    Healthcare Sciences and Emergency Medical Services receive $15,000 grant


    With the Anatomy in Clay learning system, students will have the ability to construct human body systems using clay and a human skeleton model. These tools will support a variety of learning styles beyond traditional auditory learners, including kinesthetic, tactile and visual learners. Studies show that only 10 percent of students learn best while listening. Most students learn better when they’re allowed to see, touch and manipulate materials.

    Anatomy in clay


    As a reusable system, the Anatomy in Clay learning system will replace traditional fetal pig dissection, which can only be used for a short time. The Anatomy in Clay learning system can be used throughout the school year, allowing students to build upon their knowledge all year long. The Anatomy in Clay learning system will allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the body systems and how they interact.


    The Olathe Advanced Technical Center offers a two-year Healthcare Science program as well as an Emergency Medical Specialties program for juniors and seniors from all five Olathe high schools as well as the Mill Creek Campus and Prairie Learning Center. All students take the Anatomy and Physiology course, where the Anatomy in Clay learning system will be used.