Potential Welding Careers

  • graphic image of Roadrunner mascot There are a number of career opportunities in the welding industry.

    • Welder
    • Robotic welder operator
    • Supervisor engineer
    • Welding inspector
    • Product sales
    • Welding instructor
    • Non-destructive testing

    Education Path

    • Certificate program: private, industry, welding program
    • High school diploma: welding / academic courses
    • Two-year associate degree: welding
    • Four-year bachelor's degree: Welding Engineering Technology or Welding Engineering
    • Graduate and doctorate degrees: Welding Engineering

    Career Paths

    • Technical sales: distributor counter sales, distributor outside sales, manufacturer sales representative, distributor owner
    • Inspection: certified welding inspector, senior certified welding inspector, non-destructive testing, owner
    • Government / military: enlisted welder, non-commissioned officer, warrant officer, officer
    • Skilled trades: apprentice, journey person, instructor, business manager, national officer
    • Construction: welder, foreman, supervisor, owner
    • Education: welding teacher and administrator at the secondary level; associate professor, professor or administrator at the post-secondary level
    • Manufacturing / fabrication / repair: welder, foreman, supervisor, owner
    • Research: welder, technician, technologist, engineer, scientist