Many Pathways for Students to Consider

  • Olathe Career PathwaysOlathe Public Schools offers a variety of Career and Technical Education pathways for students to explore, expand their knowledge and technical skills, and to prepare for postsecondary and careers. Currently, Olathe has 22 different CTE pathways.

    • Non-Transfer: These Career Pathways and Visual and Performing Arts options are available at all five high schools. Students attend their boundary high school and do not need to transfer locations.​
    • Non-Transfer: Programs offered at Olathe Advanced Technical Center (OATC) are for students who are juniors and seniors. These are also non-transfer programs. Students attend their boundary high school for part of the school day (to receive core content credits), and attend OATC for part of the school day (to receive advanced technical training).​
    • Transfer: 21st Century Academies are considered transfer programs and students must apply and be accepted. These are at select high school locations. Ten of the 15 academies follow a CTE Pathway.​

    Learn about the Career Pathways options available to explore as a student in high school at Olathe Public Schools.

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Hire Paths

  • What is HirePaths?

    A Kansas-originated educational campaign to excite and inspire parents to support their children in pursuing high-demand, skilled trade careers.

    Why Do We Need HirePaths?

    To inform and excite students, parents and guardians about options their child can pursue after high school to quickly and affordably launch a successful, well-paying career. This includes on-the-job training programs, apprenticeships, and technical and community college education.

    Find out more on the HirePaths website.