Digital Media Pathway

  • Digital Media Pathway logo Students in the Digital Media Pathway focus on creating, producing, and operating digital production used to communicate to various audiences. As skills progress, students assume more responsibility in producing media for the schools that use multimedia to broadcast information, such as upcoming events, school highlights and other messages to students. Communications specialists, reporters and correspondents gather information and prepare media that informs audiences about current issues and local, state, national and international events.

    Your Options

    • Non-Transfer program available at all five high schools
    • Transfer program available at Olathe Northwest High School (e-Communication Academy)

Career Opportunities

    • Digital Video Producer
    • Audio-Video Operations
    • Control Room Technician
    • Broadcast Station Manager
    • Video Systems Technician
    • Audio-Video Designer
    • Audio-Video Engineer
    • Camera Operator
    • Communications Specialist
    • Journalist
    • Communications Director
    • Broadcast Correspondent
    • Editor
    • Publisher
    • Public Relations Manager
    • Radio/TV Announcer

Sequence of Courses

Course Title Academy/Program Course Number Grade Level Course Level Credit
e9 21st Century: e-Communication CP400A/B 9 1.0
Business Essentials BU500P 9-10 Introductory 0.5
Computer Applications II CP411P 9-12 Introductory 0.5
Computers Applications I CP410P 9-12 Introductory 0.5
Digital Media Technology: Yearbook LA840AP/BP 9-12 Technical 1.0
Entertainment Essentials I 21st Century: e-Communication PA850P and PA851P 11-12 Technical 1.0
Entertainment Essentials II 21st Century: e-Communication PA855P 11-12 Technical 1.0
Exploriing Video Production 21st Century: e-Communication PA801P and PA802P 10-12 Technical 1.0
Exploring Graphic Design 21st Century: e-Communication AR601P and AR602P 10-12 Technical 1.0
Graphic Design I CP455P 9-12 Technical 0.5
Graphic Design II CP458P 10-12 Technical 0.5
Intro to Journalism LA820P 9-11 Technical 0.5
Media & Public Relations: Newspaper LA825AP/BP 9-12 Technical 1.0
Photojournalism LA470AP/BP 9-12 Technical 1.0
Video Production I IT820P 9-12 Technical 0.5
Editorial Leadership Design Production CP420AP/BP 11-12 Application 1.0
Video Producation II IT900AP/BP 10-12 Application 0.5

Credit Info - Digital Media

  • * Only 0.5 credit of this class counts toward the 2.0 credits required for Concentrator status and 3.0 credits required for Completer status.

    To be considered a CTE Completer in the pathway, students must complete 3.0 credits within the course sequence and earn an industry recognized, comprehensive certification or pass a third-party, end-of-pathway assessment. At least 2.0 of the required 3.0 required credits must be a combination of technical and application level courses.

    Offered at: Olathe East, Olathe North, Olathe Northwest (21st Century e-Communication Academy), Olathe South, Olathe West

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