Apply Now for the 2023-24 Programs

  • Welcome to the two-year career and technical education programs! The two-year programs are available for Olathe juniors and seniors only. All of our programs focus on today’s high-demand career fields and help prepare students for the world of work or post-secondary training by combining student interest and learning through hands-on experiences, industry standard resources and equipment, and real-world partnerships fusing academic and technical skills, knowledge and the training necessary for future careers.

    Students (sophomores and juniors) must complete an application process for acceptance into our two-year programs. Student applicants need to have good attendance, good behavior, and be on-track to graduate to qualify for our programs during their junior and senior years. The timeline for applying for a two-year program is:

    • October 24 — Application for the following school year goes live
    • December 13 — Application deadline (application closed at midnight)
    • Before applying for OATC — Apply to JCCC (it will take 24 to 36 hours before a JCCC ID# is emailed to you)
    • After applying for a JCCC ID, please fill out the OATC application.  In the application where you are to put the JCCC ID# write, "Pending".  Upon receiving the ID#, please email Mrs. Horn