Using Your Student Google Mail

  • Your student Google mail will become activated in less than 24 hours after you log in on a school computer for the first time and set your network password. Your student Google mail account login is your school Google email address - (username) - and the network password that you set. You will accept a license agreement and enter a security setting the first time you log in. It is an eAcademy program requirement to check your student Google mail daily. Access your Google Mail

    You CANNOT access your student Google Mail through StudentVue to see messages sent from outside StudentVue. You MUST go to and log in to access your student email.

    Note that many students find important messages filtered out into their spam folder, so check ALL folders!

    If you have never had a formal lesson on using email programs, here is a helpful tutorial in two parts which you should watch. You will learn the details and etiquette of using email to communicate with your teachers and others.

    Watch Part 1

    Watch Part 2