New Educator Standards

  • The first five Standards and their accompanying Indicators define what accomplished Olathe Educators should know and be able to do. All educators work towards achieving these standards and are expected to perform at the Effective level or higher on all Educator Standards/Indicators.

    The Rubrics provide a continuum of further detail and clarity for the Indicators, as well as promote greater consistency in their application. The Rubrics allow educators to:

    • reflect on their strengths and areas of needs.
    • receive focused feedback from observations by administrators, Instructional Coach, mentors, colleagues, etc. with increased inter-rater reliability.
    • see a clear picture of what skills and knowledge look like when applied.

    New Educators will use these Rubrics throughout the New Educator process to reflect on their skills and to develop their Action Plan. New Educators will receive feedback on the Standards/Indicators/Rubrics from their appraiser.

    Vew the Olathe Educator Standards