About the New Educator Program

  • Program Vision

    The Olathe mentoring and induction program is dedicated to accelerating new educator effectiveness to increase student achievement.


    Belief Statement

    We believe in providing immediate, ongoing, differentiated support that is standards-based, instructionally focused and data driven. We believe that by engaging beginning teachers in a system of support that includes working with highly skilled, trained instructional coaches, teacher effectiveness and student learning is accelerated. By providing this kind of support, we believe that the retention of quality teachers in the profession is increased and teacher leadership is strengthened.

    Program Goals

    • To provide new educators with a successful transition into the teaching profession
    • To provide educators new to Olathe with a successful transition into the school district
    • To accelerate teacher effectiveness as evidenced by student achievement
    • To develop reflective practitioners
    • To create a community of lifelong learners
    • To increase the retention rate of beginning educators
    • To meet the state of Kansas requirements for moving from an initial license to a professional license

New Educator Staff

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