Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)

  • Our AVID coordinator is Kathi Hilliard (email her).

    What is AVID?

    The mission of AVID is to ensure that all students, and most especially students in the middle with academic potential capable of completing a college preparatory path:

    • will succeed in a rigorous curriculum.
    • will increase involvement in mainstream activities of school.
    • will increase their enrollment in four-year colleges and universities.

    The AVID Program:

    • Students in AVID get intensive training in higher-level thinking skills, writing, study skills, and note taking.
    • Students in AVID work collaboratively with college and adult tutors twice weekly.
    • Students in AVID are committed to preparing themselves for college through rigorous classes, Advanced Placement, and outside test prep classes.
    • Students in AVID work closely with counselors and teachers in the college selection process.

    AVID at Olathe Northwest:

    • Every student in AVID applied, was interviewed, and was selected based on grades, teacher recommendations and commitment.
    • 94 students at ONW have applied and been selected for the AVID program.
    • Over 100 AP courses are being taken by AVID students at ONW.
    • Every AVID senior has or will have taken at least three AP courses.
    • The average GPA of AVID seniors is 3.1.
    • Every AVID senior participates in ACT prep and has taken the ACT at least twice.

    AVID’s Impact at ONW:

    “I am excited to watch the academic growth and maturity of our AVID students! These students are learning, practicing and applying skills that will allow them to be successful throughout their lives. Additionally, they are becoming confident life-long learners that are role models for all high school students.” ~ Dr. Gwen Poss, former principal, Olathe Northwest High School

    “In classroom discussions, AVID students model how to be leaders. They pose thought-provoking inquiry questions, invite others into the dialogue, and consider multiple perspectives.” ~ Angie Powers, Advanced Placement English teacher

    “AVID really fulfills its name: Advancement Via Individual Determination. I have learned to work with AVID to make my goals by my own determination. I understand no one will get the job done except for me.” ~ Annie Baker, AVID graduate and current Oregon State student