Transportation to and from School

  • Parents must complete the transportation request form if they need school bus service.

    Bus Information

    Early childhood students are eligible for transportation services, based on team recommendations. Peer models may access transportation when space is available for a fee. Please contact Donna Logan at 913-780-7414 to request a bus change. Changes to bus routes must be received by noon on Tuesday for the change to go into effect by the following Monday or by noon on Thursday to go into effect by the following Wednesday. The bus company will not able to accommodate temporary changes (example, for one week or one day, etc.). Please call First Student 913-782-1050 when your child is not riding the bus to school. Please call your child's school of attendance when your child is not riding the bus after school. For more information or if you have questions contact the Early Childhood Transportation Specialist Donna Logan at 913-780-7414.

    For questions and concerns about these topics, please contact First Student, 913-782-1050.

    • Bus safety
    • Student injury on bus
    • Bus routes and/or schedules
    • Pick up and/or drop off times

    Peer Payment Fees

    Parents, please do not pay First Student until you have been notified by the early childhood transportation specialist that your child has been approved to ride the early childhood school bus.

    After you have been notified, payment must be made by calling First Student at 913-782-1050, ext. 221. No online access is available to pay for early childhood transportation. Payment must be received before transportation will begin.

    Early childhood peer families will receive a discount throughout the school year. Students with approved free or reduced-price federal lunch program applications are eligible for free busing.

Peer Family Bus Rates

Number of Riders in Family Pay per year Pay first semester Pay second semester
First student (25% discount) $217.50 $108.75 $108.75
Second student (10% discount) $195.75 $97.88 $97.88
Third student (20% discount) $174.00 $87.00 $87.00